Please note that this blog is intended for the students and parents associated with Gordonvale State High School, Cairns. Please check areas of interest as seen on the blog to confirm dates and other information as there will be occasions when dates will change and the information may not be included in the blog as it may not have been received by the school. Posts prior to July 2017 may have reference to Smithfield State High School as this blog was initially developed for students when I was the Guidance Officer at that school.

University Links

The following page has been taken from the Education Queensland's "Universities at a Glance" Page. The web site for this is:


Queensland universities

Queensland has nine of Australia's 37 universities, including some of the largest universities, the newest university, metropolitan universities and strongly regional ones.
All are engaged in both teaching and research and offer undergraduate and postgraduate studies to doctoral level, in a wide variety of fields of study.
All universities offer:
  • innovative courses
  • flexible teaching and learning environments
  • close liaison with professional groups, businesses and industry
  • national and international research and peer-gropu linkages
  • partnerships with communities locally, nationally and internationally.
Queensland universities are all research institutions. Their research achievements span a wide range of fields relevant to Queensland's geography, natural environment and resources, and economic and social development - such as:
  • mining
  • primary industries
  • rainforest, reef and coastal ecology and management
  • tropical agriculture
  • tourism
  • biotechnology
Our universities currently participate in 28 Cooperative Research Centres, which bring together researchers from public agencies and private industry to achieve outcomes of national economic and social significance, and are the lead partner in 12 centres.

Queensland university links

Shown below are the links to the home pages of each Queensland university. For university locations, see the universities maps.

Learning Support Centres

In addition, a network of over 30 community-based Learning Support Centres  enables individual students, businesses and organisations, especially those in rural and remote areas, access to a wide range of educational and training technologies, information and services, to receive or deliver learning regardless of location.

Non self-accrediting higher education institutions

A further group of non self-accrediting higher education institutions operate in Queensland

My University - information about all universities

In addition to the above information abut Queensland Universities, students can access the MyUniversity website. This is a student-centred and searchable website that allows students to determine their own areas of interest and search for results according to those interests. It features a range of information to help potential students, including:
  • Location of universities
  • Course information
  • Student services at every university
  • campus facilities; and 
  • results of student surveys.

See the following link: myuniversity.gov.au/