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Monday, 23 July 2012

Bond University Scholarships

Bond University scholarship applications close in less than two weeks
This week, students will be proofreading their resumes and fine-tuning their applications, as Bond University scholarship applications are closing in only one week and the chance of a lifetime is up for grabs. 
With more than 300 Bond University scholarships available this year, students are being encouraged to assess which scholarship would be best for them and ensure their applications are submitted by the July 31 deadline.
Australia’s largest private, not-for-profit university provides tuition assistance across 12 categories of scholarships ranging from full to partial tuition cover and accommodation assistance. These include full-tuition Vice-Chancellor Scholarships, partial Faculty Deans’ Scholarships, full-fee Indigenous Scholarships and 50 per cent Corporate Scholarships that partner students with a Fortune 500 company.
As the deadline draws closer, we encourage you to notify your best and brightest students to apply online at https://apply.bond.edu.au. As part of their application, students will be required to provide a copy of their year 11 and mid-year 12 schools reports, a summary of achievements and the details of their chosen referee such as their Principal or Vice-Principal. It is important that all references and documents are received by the July 31 deadline.
Visit www.bond.edu.au/scholarships for further information on all scholarships available or contact Kristy on 07 5595 1113 or via email.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

School of Engineering at Griffith University

Griffith University is offering students a pathway into engineering by sitting the Aptitude for Engineering Assessment examination on Saturday 22 September 2012. Successful students will receive admission into the Bachelor of Engineering or the Bachelor of Engineering Technology at either the Nathan or Gold Coast campuses.The exam is also being offered in Cairns - Wednesday 3 October.

The Aptitude for Engineering Assessment is a two and a half hour multiple choice test that assesses a candidate’s aptitude to think scientifically, solve quantitative problems, critically analyse information and display interpersonal understanding.

Registrations will only be offered online at http://www.acer.edu.au/tests/aea/registrations and a fee will be required to sit the exam.

Eligible Students

The exam is open to current 2012 year 12 students, mature age and international applicants (please note the conditions for English language need to be satisfied) who may not have the prerequisite course or tertiary entrance score, or wish to have information about their aptitude for engineering considered with their school or documented results.

Griffith University offers a diverse range of engineering disciplines in:                                                      

Gold Coast campus                                          

  • Mechatronics
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Sport and Biomedical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

Nathan campus

  • Sustainable Energy Systems
  • Electronic and Computer Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Microelectronic Engineering

For more information, please contact the Griffith School of Engineering by emailing to: aeaeng@griffith.edu.au

Christian Heritage College

I have received some information from the Christian Heritage College. Application to the college is through QTAC. Please see me if you would like some information about the Christian Heritage College. Alternatively, please visit: http://www.chc.edu.au/

The Puggy Hunter Memorial Scholarship Scheme

The Puggy Hunter Memorial Scholarship Scheme is funded by Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing. The Scheme was established in recognition of Dr Arnold ("Puggy") Hunter's significant contribution to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and his role as the inaugural Chair of the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO).

The aim of the Scheme is to help address the under-representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in health professions and assist in increasing the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with professional health qualifications.
Eligible health areas are:
Aboriginal health worker 
Allied health (excluding pharmacy) 
Dentistry/oral health (excluding dental assistants)
Application dates
The next round of scholarships for study in 2013 will open Friday 20 July 2012 and close Sunday 16 September 2012.

Value of funding
Full time study load = up to $15 000 per year for the usual term of the course
Part time study load = up to $7500 per year for the usual term of the course

Eligibility criteria
Applicants must identify as and be able to prove their Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander status. To prove your status as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person, you must obtain a written Confirmation of Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander Descent document from an Indigenous Australian organisation within the community in which you live or have previously lived. The document must include the signatures of two office holders. A Confirmation of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Descent from an incorporated body related to an academic institution will not be accepted.

Applicants must be intending to undertake study or are undertaking study in an entry level qualification in an eligible health related discipline at an Australian university or TAFE (Certificate IV and above).

Scholarship - University of New South Wales

UNSW have sent me a brochure with information regarding UNSW scholarships. Please see me if you would like to see this information. Alternatively please visit: http://www.coop.unsw.edu.au/

For high achieving students the UNSW Co-op Program offers an ideal combination of challenge and opportunity. For the students, a UNSW Co-op Scholarship provides:
·                     $16,750 pa* for every year of study
·                     Between 9 and 18 months of relevant industry training with up to four different companies during your degree
·                     The opportunity to experience the sort of work you might be doing as a graduate in the field and to assess/be assessed by a number of potential employers
·                     A Co-op Academic Co-ordinator that can offer advice and support throughout your degree
·                     Professional development & leadership training during your degree
·                     Opportunities to network with leading employers and make valuable contacts within your industry
·                     A social network of friends that can support you through university and last a lifetime

* Scholarships pay $16,750 per year over 4 years for Business degrees and 5 years for most Engineering and Science degrees. See specific programs of study for more detail.

If you are selected to be a UNSW Co-op scholar, you join the largest and most prestigious co-operative scholarship program of its type in Australia. The 3-way partnership between UNSW, Australia's leading companies and high achieving students now offers 24 programs and continues to grow.

Griffith University New $60,000 Deans' Sir Samuel Griffith Scholarship

The new Deans' Sir Samuel Griffith Scholarship is worth $60,000 up to five years of study or $12,000 per year of your degree. If you have a score at the very top of OP1 band (including interstate IB and ATAR equivalent) you can apply as long as you have Griffith University listed as your 1st and 2nd QTAC/UAC preference.

This scholarship is in addition to the existing Sir Samuel Griffith Scholarships valued at $24,000 for up to four years of study or $6,000 per year of your degree. If you achieve an OP 1-3 (including interstate IB and equivalent ATAR) you are eligible to apply. Griffith University also encourages students to apply if they expect an OP 4-6 if they can demonstrate exceptional personal achievements.

All successful Dean's and Sir Samuel Griffith Scholarship recipients are automatically entered into the prestigious Griffith Honours College.

Know more about Griffith scholarships.

Scholarship for Tertiaty Studies

The C.A.S. Hawker Scholarship is available to any Australian student undertaking a three or four year course of study approved by the Trustees. Undergraduate students who have commenced their studies are also eligible to apply for the scholarship. Successful applicants can chose to study at one of the nominated Australian universities or colleges. In some instances the C.A.S. Hawker Scholarship is also offered to postgraduate students who can undertake a one year course of study at the University of Cambridge in the UK. For further information please visit: http://www.hawkerscholarship.org/

Dentistry Student Workshop

The Australian Dental Association (Queensland Branch) is proud to announce the date claimer for our annual Explore the Field of Dentistry Student Workshop. This course is suitable for year 9-12 students who are interested in exploring the option of working within the dental sector at any capacity.  The course will be held at ADAQ Bowen Hills Queensland from the 24th – 27th of September 2012 at a cost of $430 per student.  Limited places are available.
An e-mail has been sent to year 9 – 12 students with the workshop Enrolment Form, Course Outline and Information Booklet.  For future reference, this information can also be accessed at www.adaq.com.au under the ‘Training’ tab. 
Please see Jenny in the Guidance Office if you have questions or contact Michelle Bouwhuis, Learning & Development Consultant at ADAQ Recruitment Services, Australian Dental Association (Queensland Branch) on  (07) 3251 2160 or e-mail training@adaq.com.au.

Pilot training for ADF

The following in formation has been sent to the Guidance Office from PATS.

ADF Pilot Overview

Candidates applying to become aircrew for all three branches of the ADF must achieve a pass in the Aircrew Aptitude Test (AAT) or sometimes called RAAF Pilot Selection Test. 

This test is commonly sat by candidates applying to become
  • Pilots in the three services (RAAF pilot, Army pilot and Navy pilot)
  • RAAF Air Combat Officers
  • RAN Observors (Naval Flight Officers)
  • Australian Army Loadmasters
  • Air Traffic Controllers
  • Fighter Controllers

Before an applicant can attend the Aircrew Aptitude Test, the required score must first be achieved in the YOU Session test. In PATS you can do a combined course for the YOU session test and the Aircrew Aptitude Test.

For more information about ADF Pilot and its selection process, please click here.
Key factors

  • Apply and sit testing in year 11. That way you will have time for a second attempt if you do not get the required grades first time. Also you get testing done prior to the academic pressures of year 12.
  • The ADF strongly prefers school leavers to go to ADFA (Australian Defence Force Academy) to complete a degree prior to going to Pilot School.
  • Test scores are graded as a band one, two, or three pass - and will constitute a significant component of overall score. Candidates achieving higher test passes will proceed to flight screening more quickly.
· The AAT can only be attempted three times - with a higher pass score being required in subsequent sittings.
  • There is also a twelve month suspension period following a testing failure.

After you have passed both selection tests, you will be invited to attend an Officer Selection Board.

How are ADF Pilots selected in the Officer Selection Board?

  • Team experience
  • Leadership role experience - e.g. school captain
  • Strong academic result
  • Aptitude test scores
  • Motivation (Aviation & Military)
  • Self- funded training - e.g. flying/ gliding
PATS can fully prepare you for the YOU Session test and the Aircrew Aptitude test. Our clients have achieved a 100% passing rate in 2011.

For information about our aptitude test preparation course, please click here.

Prerequisite help at Hubbard's School

Do you need a prerequisite for entry to a university course next year

Hubbard’s offers bridging courses in English, Biology, Maths B, Physics and Chemistry.   A student who has turned 17 and is currently in Year 12 will be eligible to apply for these courses.  Please visit Hubbard’s website via the link below if you are interested:

Australian Defence Force Work Placements

Are you interested in a career with the Australian Defence Force? You are able to do some work placement with them throughout the year. Please be aware though that most of the work placement is in Townsville. To see what work placement is on offer, please visit:

Cairns specific work experience can be seen at the following link:

A Day in the Life at the University of Queensland

A Day in the Life ….

The UQ Health Sciences team have been collaborating with current students and created videos to help prospective students understand what it’s like studying at UQ and where their area of study can take them. The ‘Day in the Life’ interviews and videos from graduates provide useful insight to what it’s like at UQ and what students can expect whilst at university and their career options. Students can also receive the latest updates by joining the Health@UQ Facebook page.

Head to the Careers in Health website and the Health@UQ Facebook page to learn about university life and keep up to date!

For information, contact:

Leadership program Scholarships - The Univeristy of Queensland


Scholarships for Australian and International students are available for CHRYSALIS with applications now being accepted. CHRYSALIS is a one week leadership camp for Senior High School students who are interested in global issues. The program will be held in Brisbane at Emmanuel College from 9th – 16th December and will bring together students from all over Australia and the world.

Please see the following link for further information and see me (Jenny) in the Guidance office if you are interested in participating. The link is https://s3.amazonaws.com/pieronline-studentexperience/accounts/5/Site/2/3284_Chrysalis_A4_Flyer_May_2012_original.pdf

If you are interested in applying for a bursary/scholarship to attend the program please see the following link: https://s3.amazonaws.com/pieronline-studentexperience/accounts/5/Site/2/3313_Chrysalis_domestic_Scholarships_Flyer_Jan_2012_original.pdf

International students will need to see the following link for bursary/scholarship information: https://s3.amazonaws.com/pieronline-studentexperience/accounts/5/Site/2/3314_Chrysalis_International_Scholarships_Flyer_Feb_2012_original.pdf

Young Scholars Program - The University of Queensland

Young Scholars Program

The University of Queensland's Young Scholars Program (YSP) provides high achieving secondary school students with an opportunity to discover, learn and engage with UQ's academic community and like-minded students from across Queensland and New South Wales. Designed to nurture and develop future leaders, the Program also presents students with a unique opportunity for academic extension and enrichment.

UQ Young Scholars are challenged to think critically about some of today's major global issues and throughout their participation, are exposed to a wide range of potential study areas and career opportunities.

The 2012-2013 UQ Young Scholars Program involves:
       •       A five-day (four night) Residential Camp at the St Lucia campus
                (Sunday 25 November - Thursday 29 November 2012)
       •       A two-day (overnight) Residential Camp at the St Lucia campus
               (Monday 24 June - Tuesday 25 June, 2013)

Students will gain valuable insights into university life and fields of study they may not have encountered as part of the school curriculum. They will hear from leading thinkers and engage in discussions and collaborative forums in group settings. A range of social, sporting and cultural activities will complement the academic program.

While on campus, students are housed in single rooms in one of UQ’s residential colleges. The Program is administered and supervised by University staff and Student Mentors.

A copy of the 2011 UQ Young Scholars Residential Camp Program is available to interested applicants upon request.

Super Yacht Industry

Crew Pacific is a Recruitment and Training Agency which specialises in servicing the needs of the International and National Super Yacht Industry. They are located in Minnie Street in Cairns.
Crew Pacific is based in Cairns, Queensland, Australia and provides crew to Super Yachts throughout the world, for both motor and sail, and for all sizes ranging from 20 -173m.
Crew Pacific Steward/ess Training Courses are one of only three courses recognised in the world which are recognised by the International Super Yacht Industry. They underderstand the special needs of Owners and Captains when placing competent and experienced crew, whether it is for full time, seasonal or temporary positions.

Crew Pacific
specifically train short courses for the Super Yacht Industry and offer employment on completion of courses. The following courses they offer are:
·         A 2 day super yacht Induction course
·         A 5 & 8 Day Internationally Recognised Super Yacht Steward/ess course
·         A 8 day Internationally Recognised Super Yacht Steward/ess/Deckhand course
·         A 5 day Internationally Recognised Super Yacht Deckhand course

For further information visit: www.crewpacific.com.au .

Defence Jobs Information

I would like to bring your attention to the following ADFA link and RMC link on the defencejobs website.



These are both very handy links for you as you can select a degree to study at ADFA and then view the Officer jobs in the Navy, Army and Air Force that match the degree choice.  Or, if you choose, become an officer upon graduating the Royal Military College of Duntroon.

If you have any queries, please see me in the Guidance Office.

Music Auditions - The University of Queensland

Students wanting to audition for the 2013 Bachelor of Music program at the University of Queensland can now obtain an audition application form from the School of Music website. Applications are due by 17 August and auditions will be held on 22 and 23 September and 6 October.

For information see Jenny in the Guidance Office or contact:
07 3365 4949

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